RUIGE Swiss pigeon AT-2200HD 21 5-inch professional director monitor built-in 3 DLUT ACTION

16:9 full HD 1920*1080 ,high contrast panel SDI and HDMI video signal brightness waveform display False color, rapid positioning of out of luminance Safety marks, marker scale, center mark SDI 1/1.001 HDCP 1.1 Channel Audio Meters Safety lock feature Zebra Embedded 3D-LUT(Rec709, SMPTE-C, SRGB and EBU) F key user-defined Support RUIGE PCC color calibration software…

SKU: 9-008


As you know, monitor is an indispensable equipment for the location shooting It is imperative to change the bulky protecting methods.
Armor No.1 from the United States, with the subversive innovative design, refreshes the inherent thinking of this industry

169 procedures in manufacture ensures that every single detail is close to perfect.

With a thickness of 14cm and weight of 4.5kg, the high- strength aluminum magnesium alloy frame is less than 1/2 of the traditional protective case in thickness and weight.

All-around shock protection design provides thorough protection to the monitor

Thanks to the combinational installation design, the monitor can be set up within seconds, which makes one single monitor performs easily in both indoor and outdoor.

Adopted the advanced air-pressure shock protection design, the protective cover with less than 3mm thickness can withstand 80kg outside force.

Aluminium alloy function module with 1/4″and 3/8” screw holes provide the installation base for connecting the wireless equipments.

The rotatable hidden stand can be pulled out to prevent the monitor from toppling

The perfect combination of deep space black and wine red endows the Armor No.1 with vividness and style, which is more in line with the visual aesthetics of the modern filmmaker.

The Armor No.1 will surely bring you extraordinary visual and operating experience.