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Gimbal Car Extension Package

Introducing the all-new Gimbal Car Extension Package by Cine Gears.

This RC car attachment can transform your 4 Wheel Gimbal Car into 6 Wheel Gimbal Car.

The 6 wheel drive Remote Control Gimbal Car designed to hold an additional payload, an optional MoVI M5, M10, or M15 3-axis gimbal stabilizer. By combining the stabilization of the MoVI with a custom vibration isolation system achieved by the wire ropes, this makes it possible to capture smooth, dynamic low-angle shots as you chase the action.

The Cine Gears Gimbal car allows you to capture any shot over any terrain, whether you are filming extreme off road sports, simulated first person chases; whatever the challenge, Cinegears gives you the solution.

With 6 wheels instead of the conventional 4 and an additional mounting cheese plates this new style of RC Gimbal Car will allow you to pursue and capture shots that were never possible before all while maintaining complete control and stability of your shots. The two top cheeseplate makes it easy to mount your MoVI and all accessories. For controlling the car and all three axes of an attached MoVI, a radio transmitter is included.

This high-performance Gimbal car goes up to 80 km and features a 3-point suspension system that ensures maximum stability with a payload up to 9.5 kg!

Completely wireless and functional with nearly any Gimbal.


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