Cinegears Speed King Professional 3D Rig


Adjustable length: 0mm – 90mm Applicable to: Red Epic, Red one, Arri Alexa, Sony F5, Canon C500 and other professional camcorders Configuration: a Mattebox, backhoes*2, a 3D sync follow focus, a 7-inch 3D monitor, a shoulder pad, a 3D synchronizer, side handles, two pinch plates, an aluminum case.

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A 3D rig is a complex mechanical assembly that puts your cameras where your eyes would want to be, not where the camera’s from factor forces you to put them.

This 3D rig was designed for professional film making. It’s the multipurpose aircraft carrier that will never fall short and will always pull out the very 3D image you are looking for.
The 3D rig can be synced with a follow focus. It can also equipped on a Steadicam, tripod or crane.