Ghost – Eye Wireless HDMI Video Receiver 100M


Ghost – Eye Wireless HDMI Video Receiver 100M

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150m wireless video transmitter

Product Highlights

  • Wireless HD video receiver, SDI and HDMI up to 1080p 60fps 1-bit 4:2:2
  • Broadcast video and audio up to 100 meters/328 feet (line of sight) over 5GHz frequencies
  • Time Code supported
  • Transmit to up to 4 receivers (of any Ghost-Eye model) on separate channels with <30ms latency
  • 3-year warranty serviced in North America



Cinegears Ghost-Eye wireless video transmission systems are already on thousands of film sets around the globe. With all the cutting edge features packed into the compact transmitters and receivers, the choice is clear: keep watch over your shot with Ghost-Eye. The Ghost-Eye M-series provides the best solution for video and audio transmission for film and television making professionals on set and in post-production.

No compromise for quality; your video and audio signals get sent at industry-leading speeds from A to B (or from A to B, C, D, and E with built-in point-to-multipoint topology) with zero compression. Your signal will arrive in all its 10-bit, 4:2:2, 1080p, 60fps glory; don’t miss a single frame! Broadcast from virtually any SDI or HDMI output you can find, and have your signal received by up to 4 Ghost-Eye receivers of any model!

With a 3-year warranty* and firmware upgrade guarantee, your Ghost-Eye units will always function at peak performance. We are here to help; we can troubleshoot over the phone or by email, and with the product designer in-house we always have the answer!


Receiver 100M

With the Cinegears Ghost-Eye Wireless Video Receiver 100M, receive up to 100m of high fidelity, HD video transmission, feel free as you shoot indoors or out, night or day, and Enjoy professional quality video transmission for your project. Pair this receiver with any Ghost-Eye transmitter.


Main Features of Cinegears Ghost-Eye 100M Video Receiver

  • 5GHz Wireless HD video transmission;
  • Supported resolutions – up to 1080p/60 Hz(included);
  • HDMI Input/Output, support devices with HDMI
  • Very Low latency -< 30ms
  • Effective range: 100m/330ft. (Line of sight)
  • Hot-shoe installation with 1/4 screw nut
  • LCD screen displays the status of device
  • Plug & Play – no software is required





What is included:

1 x Wireless HDMI Video Receiver 100M

Additional information

What is included

1 x Wireless HDMI Video Receiver 100M 1 x Hot Shoe Stand For Receiver 1 x Mini HDMI Cable for CINEGERAS 100M System 1 x 12V/1A Power Adopter for CINEGERAS 100M System